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Should Fitted Wardrobes be the same colour as the walls?

Choosing the Right Aesthetic Harmony: Should Fitted Wardrobes Match the Colour of Your Walls?


When it comes to interior design, decisions about colour play a pivotal role in creating a cohesive and visually pleasing space. One question that often arises is whether fitted wardrobes should be the same colour as the walls. Striking the right balance between aesthetics and functionality is key to achieving a harmonious living environment. In this article, we will delve into the considerations and possibilities surrounding this design dilemma.

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Bespoke Wardrobe Cheltenham

The Power of Colour Coordination

Creating Seamless Elegance

Fitted wardrobes, with their sleek and customised appearance, contribute significantly to the overall aesthetic of a room. Matching them to the wall colour can create a seamless and elegant look. This approach tends to blend the storage space into the background, allowing other design elements to take the spotlight.

Enhancing Visual Space

For smaller rooms, maintaining a consistent colour palette between fitted wardrobes and walls can visually expand the space. The absence of stark colour contrasts helps create an illusion of openness, making the room feel more expansive and inviting.

Contrast and Statement

While colour coordination can offer a sense of unity, there is an equally compelling case for introducing contrast. Bold design choices, such as having fitted wardrobes in a different colour than the walls, can make a powerful statement.

Adding Visual Interest

In rooms with neutral-coloured walls, opting for fitted wardrobes in a contrasting shade injects vibrancy and visual interest. This approach allows the wardrobe to stand out as a focal point, adding character to the room.

Showcasing Bespoke Craftsmanship

For those investing in handmade and bespoke furniture, such as fitted wardrobes, choosing a distinct colour can highlight the craftsmanship. In Cheltenham, renowned for its bespoke furniture, selecting fitted wardrobes in a complementary but contrasting colour can showcase the unique artistry behind each piece.

Considering Room Size and Lighting

Small Rooms and Light Colours

In compact spaces, light-coloured fitted wardrobes that match the walls can prevent the room from feeling cramped. The reflective nature of light hues contributes to an airy atmosphere, especially when paired with ample natural light.

Playing with Darker Tones

Conversely, in larger rooms with abundant natural light, darker hues for fitted wardrobes can create a sense of intimacy and coziness. This bold choice can add warmth to the room while maintaining a sophisticated ambiance.

The Cheltenham Influence

Bespoke Furniture in Cheltenham

Cheltenham has long been synonymous with bespoke furniture, and the local craftsmanship is renowned for its attention to detail. When considering fitted wardrobes in Cheltenham, the choice of colour becomes an integral part of the bespoke experience.

Fitted Wardrobes Cheltenham: A Distinctive Touch

In a town that values its heritage, fitted wardrobes in Cheltenham can serve as a distinctive yet sympathetic design element. Choosing a colour that reflects the personal style of the homeowner adds a bespoke touch, transforming the wardrobe into a unique piece of furniture.

Practical Considerations

Maintenance and Longevity

While aesthetics are crucial, practical considerations must not be overlooked. The chosen finish should be easy to maintain, especially in high-traffic areas like bedrooms. Low or no sheen finishes can often show marks more easily. Neutral tones often prove to be a timeless choice, ensuring longevity in both style and functionality.

Flexibility with Changing Trends

In a world where design trends evolve, the colour of fitted wardrobes should be versatile enough to adapt. Opting for a neutral base and introducing colour through accessories provides flexibility, allowing homeowners to refresh the look without significant investment.

Oak dovetail drawers, Aquamarine wardrobe


In the realm of interior design, the decision of whether fitted wardrobes should match the colour of the walls is subjective and multifaceted. Striking the right balance involves considering factors such as room size, lighting, and the unique character of the space. In Cheltenham, where bespoke furniture is celebrated, the colour choice becomes an expression of individuality and local aesthetics.

Ultimately, whether you choose a harmonious blend or a bold contrast, the key is to create a space that resonates with your personal style and meets your practical needs. Fitted wardrobes, when thoughtfully integrated into the overall design scheme, become not just functional storage solutions but integral contributors to the visual narrative of your living space.


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