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Do you need to remove skirting boards for Fitted Wardrobes? To remove or not to remove?

Deciding to install fitted wardrobes in a room involves various considerations, one of which is whether or not to remove the skirting boards before the installation process. While it's not an absolute requirement, there are instances where removing skirting can streamline the process, particularly for DIY enthusiasts.

Professional Insights: Fitting Wardrobes Without Removing Skirting

As a professional wardrobe fitter in Cheltenham I possess the expertise and tools required to seamlessly fit wardrobes without the need to remove skirting. Their skill lies in accurately scribing the wardrobe to match the profile of the existing skirting, ensuring a snug and aesthetically pleasing fit. This approach showcases the finesse of experienced fitters who can navigate the intricacies of installation.

bespoke wardrobe skirting

DIY Dilemma: To Remove or Not?

For those venturing into the DIY realm, the decision to remove skirting for fitted wardrobes becomes a more nuanced choice. While not mandatory, removing skirting can simplify the installation process for DIYers who may not be well-versed in scribing techniques. Creating a flat surface to work with ensures a flush fit for the wardrobe, enhancing the overall look and functionality.

Considerations for DIY Enthusiasts

Before deciding to remove skirting, it's crucial to weigh the aesthetics of the room and the potential additional effort involved in detaching and reattaching the skirting. While aiming for a seamless and functional wardrobe fit, DIYers should be mindful of the overall impact on the room and make sure you cause minimal damage when removing.

Conclusion: Striking the Right Balance

Whether you're a seasoned professional or an eager DIY enthusiast, the ultimate goal is to achieve a wardrobe installation that seamlessly integrates with the room. The decision to remove skirting boards for fitted wardrobes is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Instead, it requires consideration of skills, aesthetics, and the desire for a flawless end result.

So, to remove or not to remove? The choice is yours, guided by the unique aspects of your project and your proficiency in the art of wardrobe installation.


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