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Can You Fit Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes on Carpets?

Enhancing your bedroom with bespoke fitted wardrobes is a popular choice, but for those with carpeted floors, a common question arises: Can fitted wardrobes be placed on carpets? The answer is yes, but it involves weighing the pros and cons of both options.

Fitted Wardrobes on Carpets:


  • Ease of Installation: Installing the wardrobe directly on the carpet is a quicker process, eliminating the need to cut or remove any carpet sections.

fitting bespoke wardrobe on carpet
  • Aesthetic Continuity: Keeping the carpet underneath ensures a consistent room appearance, avoiding patchy or mismatched flooring if the wardrobe is ever removed.

  • Noise Reduction: The carpet absorbs noise generated from moving items within the wardrobe or opening/closing its doors, creating a quieter bedroom environment.


  • Potential for Unevenness: Over time, the wardrobe's weight can press down on the carpet, causing an uneven base or carpet deformation.

  • Trapping dirt/bugs: Cleaning isn’t possible under the wardrobe when it is fitted, meaning dust, allergens, and pests may find refuge.

  • Moisture Trapping: Spilled liquids can be trapped by the carpet, leading to mold growth or damage to the wardrobe’s base.

Fitted Wardrobes on the Subfloor:


  • Stability: Placing the wardrobe on the subfloor ensures a stable and even base, reducing the risk of future wobbles or misalignments.

bespoke wardrobe on subfloor
  • Better Ventilation: Without the carpet, there’s less risk of moisture being trapped under the wardrobe, minimising mold or mildew potential.


  • Installation Complexity: Placing the wardrobe on the subfloor requires cutting away the carpet and ensuring the exposed subfloor is suitable, demanding additional preparation.

  • Potential Flooring Mismatch: Removing the wardrobe could leave an exposed subfloor area that may not match the rest of the room’s flooring.

  • Less Noise Absorption: Without carpet cushioning, there might be increased noise when accessing the wardrobe.

Bear in mind that there are ways we can effectively fit a wardrobe on carpet that reduce the chance of movement over time. This is the most popular option as it provides the least disruption and ‘future proofs’ your room.

However if you are looking to change your carpets in the near future, it is best to have the wardrobe fitted first and carpet up to the skirting board to leave a seamless finish.

Final Thoughts:

Whether to place bespoke fitted wardrobes on carpets or the subfloor depends on individual priorities. If ease of installation and aesthetic continuity are paramount, the carpet option might be preferable. On the other hand, for those prioritising stability and longevity, placing the wardrobe on the subfloor could be the more beneficial choice. It’s advisable to consult with professionals to ensure the best outcome tailored to specific needs and preferences.


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